Do you need a doctor’s note for a ‘sick’ day?

The medical certificate is one of the most commonly issued medical-legal documents in the routine of the profession. Several people request fake doctors notes in order to meet their needs, whether they are legitimate or not. Because it is a large demand, the issue of certificates often becomes automatic, leaving the doctor to pay attention to the particularities of the patient’s situation, or even to evaluate it. However, such a practice is recognized to be unlawful, both in the administrative and criminal spheres, which makes it extremely necessary to emphasize to society the consequences which extend not only to health professionals but also to those who use fake doctors excuse.

The fake doctors excuse can have you fired

People should not resort to this kind of thing, after all fake doctors excuse is a crime that can lead to people being fired. It appears that, although it is a simple and objective document, it is a document that enjoys a presumption of truth, as a result of the public faith of the authority issuing it. Therefore, it is important to take care when analyzing it, in order to verify if the content in it really is consistent with reality, since, not being, it will be the object of investigation and punishment of who issued it. There are companies that only work with fake doctors notes.

The consequent investigations, as a result of the violation, even if it is merely a fault, committed by the employee or agent, to the duties inherent to his or her function, causing everyone huge problems. Administrative sanctions fall under the responsibility of the Federal and Regional Councils of Medicine, ranging from a simple admonition to dismissal, which generates a serious repercussion not only on the professional responsible but also on the institution to which he belonged. More details. 

Never resort to illegal fake doctors notes

There is an analysis of the criminal type and its characteristics, evidencing that there is no guilty modality, but only deceit, in addition to the simple and qualified forms of punishment, which can become quite serious for the employee or even student. Detention from one month to one year or, further, the latter’s fine. In view of the above, through administrative and criminal accountability, a desire is made for the effective practice of ethical and medical precepts, in order to restore the prestige of medicine, as well as the trust and dignity of the profession and its impact on the relationship between professionals health and society.

The bottom line

If you need a day off there are better ways to get it. Resorting to criminal actions is nothing good. Make sure you never use fake doctors notes or you could end up having to deal with the hassle of being investigated. This kind of action can even led to the police being involved. Being fined, prosecuted or even investigated is nothing but nice for someone who could talk to the boss and end up getting a day off. More details in site:

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