The Abuse of Doctor Slips

Thousands use a doctor’s note for school in order to get out an exam for the day and it’s quite understandable. Teens hate school and, surprisingly, it’s not just them who are using fake notes; adults are using these on a daily basis in order to get out of work, too. It’s shocking to see just how many people today are using fake slips and it’s not slowing down either; if anything, it’s increasing. It seems surprising but it’s the new fad for some and it’s strange. However, why are people abusing doctor slips today? Read on to find out more.

It’s Easy to Get Your Hands on Them

One of the biggest problems and causes of this abuse of doctor’s notes is down to how easily they can be obtained. Right now, you could go online, conduct a basic search and have a host of printable or downloadable notes! Yes, you can get fake notes online and that’s the biggest issue to say the least. Anyone can now look at a printable doctor’s note and get a seemingly genuine note to get out of work for the day. This simple achievement has led to more and more abusing the notes and it’s causing real concern amongst doctor’s and employers to say the least.

You Don’t Always Question a Doctor’s Slip

In truth, when someone hands over a doctor’s slip, you don’t often look too hard at them. For most employers and even teachers, they read what’s on the slip and then file it away not thinking twice about it. Since fewer people really question doctor’s slips or notes, they can be easily abused and that is the real concern for most. Yes, there are some employers who remain skeptical of what their employees are telling them but there is only so much they can do. It’s the same with a doctor’s note for school; teachers look at the note but they don’t question them in full so it’s easier to get away with using the fake notes than ever before. It’s a problem and one that’s costing thousands for business owners and schools alike. visit if you need more tips.

They Can Look Genuine

notesAnother major problem is that many of the fake notes look real. It’s something hard to tell a genuine doctor’s slip from a fake one and that is where the problem lies. Yes, there are some shocking examples of fake notes that are easily spotted but people are getting wise to them. A printable doctor’s note can look absolutely 100% real and employers never think there is the possibility of them being false. They look too good to be fake and people are getting clever in how they create and use them.

The Abuse of Doctor’s Notes Are a Joke

Maybe these were once joke notes that fooled one out of a hundred people but now they are fooling almost ninety out of a hundred. It’s all down to the advances in technology and the endless templates and examples online. It’s all too easy to create a fake note online and to print it off and pass it off as real. There are not many who call the doctor listed on the note or who even think someone is lying to them. The abuse of these notes really is a joke and a doctor’s note for school is no laughing matter. check the news right now!

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