Exploratory grants are used by organizations to explore the feasibility of a transaction. Grants may be used to pay for such things as external facilitators, consultants, and the costs of bringing decision-makers together. »



Implementation grants are used to pay a portion of the identified and separable costs associated with a transaction including the third-party costs of lawyers, accountants, and consultants, the cost of breaking leases, one-time technology costs, or severance pay for employees, etc. »



Do What You Can, With What You Have, Where You Are

In a trenchant piece that should be required reading for any nonprofit leader (see www.giarts.org/article/loss-leaders), Adrian Ellis points out that there is an unavoidable tension between the pursuit of mission and the maintenance of financial viability because:

  • There is usually a large gap between an organization’s mission and the part of that mission met by current programs so the urge to grow is very powerful.

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